Soe Yu Nwe's FURSCA 11-12

FURSCA (summer 2011-12 and Spring 2013)
The Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA) on Ceramic Process by Soe Yu Nwe in summer 2011 and 2012 at Albion College.

Project advisors: Lynne Chytilo and Anne McCauley
Mentors: Anne Barber and Gary Wahl

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I included work from my 1st Fursca (summer 2011), sculpture, “House”, and 3rd Fursca (spring 2013), “Love Story”, video,  in the Ceramic Triennial Exhibition at Woods Gerry Gallery at Rhode Island School of Design.

Love Story ( Red Hands Re-edited)

Stop-motion animated video (enacted by stoneware ceramic objects)



lunch break, my head aches.

Color: tool or toy

I talked to the artist in residence a couple of weeks ago when I requested her to critique my work. She likes my prints and drawing because of the attention to detail. She asked me what problems I have, and I told her about my struggle with controlling colors. I told her I like them too much so it’s hard for me to control them. She thought what i said was funny and she said I should practice using colors as a tool, with strategy and manipulation . A tool is something you use to achieve a goal. So there is certain level of detachment and objectiveness involve in the action. So I asked myself if I haven’t been using colors as tools, what have I been using them as? I realize I had been playing with them. .. Engaging with them, my affection and imagination instead of my logistics and strategy. They were my toys, and hence the mess, the chaos, the disappointment and dissatisfaction. I have to start thinking of them as tools, instead of as toys. Use them discriminatingly according to their purpose.

use them for their effective visual communicative function instead of playing with them for my own personal satisfaction. Let them serve their intended purpose. They should be my teammate instead of my playmate.

Yesterday, I gave a presentation at the Elkin Isaac Student Research Symposium on the body of work I have created during FURSCA projects.

Narratives on “House”

Faculty Sponsors: Anne McCauley, Lynne Chytilo

Major: Art

Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar

Narratives on “House” originate from my interest in the use of symbols such as a house, a shrine or a body as metaphors for the human emotional and spiritual condition as I see and experience it. This condition is expressed in amalgamations of human figures, natural, and architectural forms that meld into one uncertain but solid dreamlike spectacle in the sculpture “House”. I strive to explore, narrate and encapsulate these emotional and spiritual experiences in various art forms such as drawing, printmaking, sculpture, artist’s books and video. The resulting narratives come together in a body
of artworks produced in different media, each piece acting as context for the other because of their common back-story.

Supported by: FURSCA

finally making a bit progress in the stop motion video

finally making a bit progress in the stop motion video